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How to Decorate without Spending a Dime!

How to Decorate without Spending a Dime!

Spring is in full bloom and it’s time to dust away those winter blues.  One of the most fun and fresh ways to feel festive is to brighten up your home.  The good news is this does not have to be expensive!  In fact, this can be done spending absolutely nothing!  Here are 5 ways do decorate without spending anything.

  1. Shop your home.  Do you have mirrors placed opposite windows to reflect more natural light?  Can you change your living room color scheme by bringing in art, pillows and throws from a bedroom?  What about putting your hallway runner in your kitchen?  Some small adjustments will make your home feel brand new.
  2. Move your furniture.  Do you have a terrific arm chair in your bedroom that is hidden by piled up clothes?  Bring it out!  Think about creating conversation spaces for guests and making sure there are spaces for drink placement.  The great news is if you don’t love it, you can always scoot it back!
  3. Bring natural elements indoors.  Spring is all about new life and natural décor is completely free!  Clip some leafy branches for a fun and fresh arrangement, use rocks or nuts as a vase filler, or bring that potted plant inside and enjoy it!
  4. DIY!  Upcycle an old curtain into a fun table runner, use some old paint and freshen up an end table or cover some old books in pretty scrap fabric and use them in a pretty vignette.
  5. Sell your old stuff and buy something you like!  When all else fails and you just need something new or you want to declutter, use those Facebook groups every one adds you to and make some money!  Go get those pillow covers you’ve had your eye on or a new piece to hang on your wall.

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